A Feminine Approach to Calling

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SPRING INVITATION: Experiment without Goals

Hello Courageous Souls,
As we collectively emerge from the interiority of winter, life reveals the beauty of her two billions of years experimentation. Each spring flower, whether it be a rose, cherry blossom, iris, or daffodil is an expression of nature’s ongoing creativity.

Can you imagine if the intelligence that created such breathtaking beauty and abundance had a neocortex like we do? […]

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Winter Invitation: Hibernating as a Courageous Act

Hello Courageous Souls,

As we enter the Winter season, we are invited to turn our attention inward to a deeper, slower, more subtle realm.

From the outside, this may appear to be a “waste of time” and yet, the generativity of spring is dependent upon the stillness of winter.

Our instincts do not need to be convinced of the power of hibernating, but […]

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2013 Spring Invitation: Deep Roots, and the Flowering of the Self

This Spring I want to highlight the
beauty, depth, and meaning
that comes from knowing the deep roots of our Soul’s call.
The Soul is never satisfied by having impressive job titles, or glitzy web sites. Rather, it longs to know its own unique beauty, and to create beauty in the world.
 Before I understood this, the thought of calling evoked longing and restlessness. I obsessed about my destiny daily. As many of you know, I wrote an entire dissertation on the topic, hoping to break through some invisible barrier. […]

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2013 Fall Invitation: Harvesting Humility and Seeding Holy Chutzpah

Hello Courageous Souls,

Have you fallen in love with your humanness yet?
Can you let your light shine despite your vulnerabilities?

As we all know, this is a process, not an event.

Last week I gave a speech on ritual that did not meet my internal standards. That night I dreamt that I had a stain on my clothes, which a dry cleaner informed me was permanent. […]

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2013 Summer Invitation: Sacred Play

What soul qualities are evoked for you in Summer?
Looking through the lens of archetypes, we are reminded of the qualities of youth. We are invited to play, be spontaneous, uninhibited, passionate and fully engaged in life.
Are these qualities that you experience as you follow your calling?
Most women I work with are more familiar with the Inner Critic than with the Spirit of Play.

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2012 Winter Invitation: Honoring the Dark, Risking the Light

Our gifts arise out of a magical blend of challenges and talents,
of hardships and blessings.
When we honor the dark by turning toward the places within that need tending,
and honor the light by risking our gifts
that flourish only when offered,
we become medicine for the world. […]

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2012 Fall Invitation: Becoming the Harvest

When we offer our gifts to the world, we become the harvest.  Unfortunately, the question of earning money can often impede the process of expressing one’s unique gifts, but it does not have to be this way.


One of my gifts is to help women remember the promise they made before birth. I am here to foster clarity, courage and commitment on the path of calling.


The question, “How much can I earn from living my calling?” is less meaningful to me than, “How costly will it be to my soul if I don’t?”  […]

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2012 Spring Invitation: Innocence and Wonder

I recently came upon a poem my son wrote when he was in kindergarten. In essence, it was a love poem to the world. Not only did it make my heart melt as a mother, but it also reminded me of the way we experience the world when we are in touch with innocence and wonder.

With my son’s permission, who is now almost a teenager, I share it with you: […]

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